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Close Call


              CLOSE CALL-The Story
An Australian Centurion Mk.5, callsign "Animal", and a rifle section (aussie unit of 10 men, 3 of these make up a platoon) are moving along a road somewhere in the phouc tuy province, South Vietnam, when up ahead they notice what seems to be a slight lump in the earth, and some "freshly-dug" mud...the corporal shouts to the tank commader sitting on his copula " Oi mate, hold up we've got somethin suspicious up front"
the centurion comes to a halt, the troops arange themselves around the tank....they notice a wire running from the "lump" into the shrub, thats it, its gotta be a mine, they tell the corporal, the corporal then tells 2 riflemen to move into the shrub, check it out, as they are making there way through the elephant grass they notice a small clearing...and what do we have here, its a gook, they take him back to the cent..."blind him and bound him" the cpl orders, they put a blindfold over his eyes and bound his hands, one of the riflemen stays put to make sure he doesnt try any funny buisness.The scout moves up ahead with a rifleman to check things out, 
they have cut the wire and disarmed it, and are busying themselves by checking out there latest find.
mean while the M60 gunner and his assistant are fixing there packs, after a fews K's those metal clips really dig into ya back!
the last rifleman feels the need for a smoke, so he wips out the zippo and pops a ciggy in his mouth. The tank commander is taking this oppertunity to has a drink from his flask, unlike the foot sloggers, he isnt on water discipline!
while all this is going on the corporal has been on the horn to Nuit Dat HQ. They are sending out a slick with an armed escort...the bushranger, as it flys over the corporal looks up in awe......
and thats where the picture ends.
figures are from various bits and pieces from different companys, centurion was from Hobbycraft ( many parts where scratchbuilt though) and the Bushranger gunship is Pandas UH-1D but with scratchbuilt weapons.
CLOSE CALL- The Scratchbuilding
the scratchbuilt parts on them are...for the bushranger..the rocket pods and mounts (and all the amrkings on it) and for the centurion...side hull stowage bins, front glacis plate and spare wheel mounts, fume extractor on barrel, rear 100 gal fuel tank, tow cables, antenna mounts and antennas, loaders hatch (next to commanders copula) 30 cal mount, 20 cal ammo rack, turret basket, the spotlight in the left section of the turret basket and the covers on the drivers periscopes.












I would like to thank Mr John Loughman and Mr Robert Blokker for helping me along with this project, cheers guys!

Copyright 2004 by David Brown. Images also by copyright unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved