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Vietnam Kits


The following are a list and review of Vietnam War related Model kits.
This list was formulated in 2004 and since then many new kits and figures have been released which do not feature on this list, however it is still a good reference, especially for plastic kits relating to the Vietnam war.

Shanghai Dragon/Dragon   scale 1/35
    Product         Product
        number          name    
3310 - OH-6A CAYUSE w/CREW -

contains 1 OH-6A helicopter and crew                             



contains 4 figures: A pilot, A co-pilot, and 2 door gunners


      3306 - MACV-SOG  -

contains 4 figures: 2 MACV-SOG, and 2 south vietnamese special forces


      3309 - GREEN BERETS  -

contains 4 figures of soldiers of the Green Berets, in combat poses


      3303- LRRP- contains 4 figures of LRRP (long range recon patrol) soldiers



contains a Mechanical Mule tractor and driver, plus 2 seated marines


      3305- Us marines (tet offensive 1968)

contains 4 figures of US marines: 1 M60 gunner, 1 soldier holding M16, and 1 soldier carrying his wounded buddy


 3307  U.S. MARINES (KHE SANH 1968)

contains 4 figures of US marines, 1 M60 gunner, 1 wounded soldier sitting down, 1 radio man, and 1 soldier holding M16


 3312   U.S. 1st CAVALRY

Contains 4 figures of soldiers of the US first cavalry: 1 radio man, 1 crouched soldier holding M16, 1 standing soldier holding M16, and 1 1st Cavalry Officer



Contains 4 figures of US marine recon soldiers, 1 laying down on radio, 1 standing with M16, 1 crouching with M16, and one crouching with M79


 3314   ARVN RANGERS (SAIGON 1968)

Contains 4 figures of South Vietnamese ARVN rangers, 1 running with M60, 1 standing firing M79, 1 crouched with M16, and one standing with M16


 3315   M274 MULE w/106mm R.R. & CREW (HUE CITY 1968)

contains Mule tractor with mounted 106mm Recoiless Rifle with 2 Us marines


  3302  SEAL (us navy seals 1)

contains 4 US navy seals


  3316 U.S. NAVY SEALs II

Contains 4 US navy seals


  3301- LSSC (light seal support craft)

Contains 1 LSSC Boat


  3304- Vietcong

contains 4 figures of Vietcong, 2 standing, 1 holding bike, 1 crouching

  3318  NVA T-34/85M

          contains one T-34 tank


    3801  M-16/AR-15 FAMILY

contains various M16's and variants of the M16 rifle

contains Modern US infantry fire support weapons (grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, anit tank weapons etc...)
Tamiya    scale 1/35
Product    Product
Number    Name
35150    U.S. Navy PBR31 Mk.II "Pibber"
Contains 1 US Navy PBR ( patrol boat river) with crew
35135    U.S. M113 ACAV
contains 1 M113 APC, ACAV (armored cavalry) Version, turret gunner, and 2 infantry soldiers
35120   U.S. M48A3 Patton
contains 1 M48A3 Patton tank, with 2 crew figures
35107  U.S. M113A1 Fire Support
contains M113A1 fire support version, with 1  APC commander figure
ACADEMY        scale 1/35
Product     Product
Number     Name
13004       M151A1 w/ 105mm recoiless gun
This contains 1 M151 (or MUTT) jeep, with optional 105mm recoiless rifle mounted ontop
1323         M151 light utility truck
contains 1 M151 jeep, with optional mounted M60 machine gun
1389        M113 Vietnam
Contains 1 bloody excellent kit of an M113 during the vietnam war, can be built in either US, R.O.K or Australian Version, also contains 5 figures ( 2 crew, 2 infantry, and 1 vietnamese civilian) and various accessories
2196    UH-1C Huey (Heavy Hog)
Contains 1 plastic model kit of a UH-1C Huey "Heavy Hog" Gunship
contains 3 crew: pilot, co-pilot, and door gunner
Weaponary includes the M-5 40mm nose mounted grenade launcher
and the M-3 2.75 inch rocket pods.
2196  UH-1C Huey "frog"
for some reason both the gunships have the same product number, i dunno why this is.
This kit contains 1 plastic model kit of a UH-1C huey "frog" gunship.
contains the same crew as the Hog
Weaponary Includes M-5 40mm nose mounted grenade launcher, and XM-158 side mounted Rocket pods.
PANDA MODELS       scale 1/35
Product                  Product
Number                  Name
35005               UH-1D  1st Cavalry
Contains 1 plastic model kit of a UH-1D helicopter, with U.S. 1st Cavalry markings
35006              UH-1D  Wasp
Contains 1 plastic model kit of a UH-1D helicopter, with U.S. "wasp" markings

Copyright 2004 by David Brown. Images also by copyright unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved