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Vietnam Poetry


Laurence Binyon's for the Fallen-third and fourth stanzas

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Lest We Forget

VIETNAM (Remembered?)

You see me walking down the street
No cares or worries to defeat

Yet deep inside, I'm all upset
You'd think that I could just forget,,,,

  • Forget the years and all the dreams
  • Forget the men and all their screams
  • Forget the hopes that we once had
  • Forget the nights that were so bad
  • Forget the politicians lies
  • Forget the wounded soldier's cries
  • Forget the dreams of Camelot
  • Forget Oswald, Dallas, a fatal shot
  • Forget the promises of the past
  • Forget the insults, they won't last
  • Forget they spit upon your shirt
  • Forget the ridicule, the hurt
  • Forget the hot and sweaty days
  • Forget the missing, the M.I.A.'s
  • Forget the prisoners of that long war
  • Forget them! For they're dead! I'm sure? ? ?

Get on with life, so many said
Forget the war and all the dead…..

FORGET! FORGET! So screams my brain
But if we do, , , , , 'Twas all in vain.

S. G. "Barney" Deibert
In Country 03/67 - 03/68 B. Co. 62nd Engineers
64B20 Heavy Trucker



The "Oz" and the "Yank"

We hardly had whiskers when first we met
Halfway round the world, I remember it yet
An unlikely meeting 'tween an Oz and a Yank
It didn't seem odd then as we talked and we drank

Over three million served in the war over there
The odds we'd have contact were much worse than fair
But, in spite of the odds, contact was made
When the Oz ventured out for a bit of a trade

He'd finished his business and for need of a lift
He bribed us with brew, the un-refusable gift
He didn't stay long, a few hours at best
We bid a drunken good-bye to our Aussie guests

As I said before, the chances were slim
For thirty years my mind held a picture of him
Then I joined a small group on an internet site
Who pen poems and stories and share what they write

While visiting one night a member's home page
I happened on a photo of him at a more tender age
It was the down-under sit down before you fall
The gentleman's name...our own Anthony Pahl!

You do the math...
Randy E. Richmond
21 June 2001

A special thanks to Barney Deibert for the Poetry on this page.


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